Black Monday in Yaoundé: a terrible accident leaves two dead, including a teenager

Black Monday in Yaoundé: a terrible accident leaves two dead, including a teenager

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by N Melo
September 5, 2022 0

Black Monday in Yaoundé: a terrible accident leaves two dead, including a teenager

It’s back to school day today in Cameroon. But it is also a day that will remain sad in the memory of some families who have just lost their family in a tragic accident. Indeed, two people lost their lives in the tragedy this afternoon in the Cameroonian political capital.

According to the information relayed by the whistleblower Nzui Manto, it is about two vehicles which hung on the square crossroads fatally mowing down a saleswoman at the edge of the road and a teenager passing through. Both lost their lives.

Accidents have been increasing lately on the roads in Cameroon, with its share of victims. Accident: a truck loses its brakes and causes enormous damage in Yaoundé

Yesterday evening Monday night, not far from the French Embassy in Yaoundé, a truck suddenly lost its brakes and hit several cars.

According to reports, the truck, which was not traveling at full speed, tried to brake in vain, but unfortunately ended up hitting several cars, including taxis.

“The truck lost its brakes when it was trying to initiate a speed bump. The populations will helplessly watch this large machine wander around without control before hitting several cars. Fortunately, the occupants of the vehicles will quickly recover. extirpate before the worst happens. No loss of human life to deplore but serious damage”, learns the editorial staff of

Recall that about 4 days ago, a mini-bus hit a badly parked board truck at national road number 3, in Edéa, around 10 p.m. on August 26, 2022

. terrible shock caused one death and 11 injuries, two of which were serious.

“Unfortunately, the driver, Chief Warrant Officer Evina Jean lost his life. All the wounded were transported to the regional hospital annex of Edéa and the report tells us of two seriously injured in this case Warrant Officer – Chief Ondoua Akono, Sergeant Ndongo Roger. The two most seriously injured were transferred to the military hospital in Douala. Of the 9 other injured, only one, quite serious, is being monitored on the spot. The 8 others suffered injuries. fairly light and following the instructions of the military hierarchy, they will be returned after their condition has stabilized”, reports the prefect of the Sanaga-Maritime department Yvan Abondo in a report broadcast on the 5 p.m. newspaper of the National Post of CRTV this August 27.

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