Big bomb: hint of love between Camille Makosso and Coco Emilia

Big bomb: hint of love between Camille Makosso and Coco Emilia

N Melo
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September 16, 2022 0

Big bomb: hint of love between Camille Makosso and Coco Emilia

• Emilia Coco has become very discreet on the web

• Her separation from Francis Mvemba marked her a lot

• Camille Makosso kindly asks her to get up

General Camille Makosso is an Ivorian famous in his country and in Africa. He is the inventor of the concept of “la brats”. More than two (02) years ago, the man lost his wife Tatiana Kosséré. Since then, Internet users have been very attentive to his marital situation, he who is not against the idea of ​​reconnecting with marriage.

In Cameroon, the influencer Emilia Coco alias Biscuit de mer is a woman he appreciates very well. She divorced the Congolese Francis Mvemba with whom she had a child. Emilia Coco has hinted that she was cheated on for a long time by her now ex-husband, someone she mistakenly thought knew very well.

And if the paths of the two (02) singles Camille Makosso and Emilia Coco crossed paths. Everything seems to indicate that the Ivorian loves the Cameroonian as a woman and a model of society.

A user noticed it. “Stop everything. Camille Makosso calls for the return of Biscuit de mer to the web. If you miss her too, point here colleague ”.

In reality, it all started with a post by Camille Makosso on her certified Facebook page on Monday September 12, 2022: “You are greatly missed on the web. Nothing can defeat a lioness like you. Evil-spirited people have been waiting to see you one day walk through the valley of the shadow of death to talk about your life.

General Camille Makosso also wrote that “the only answer to give to these people is to exist more and more. You are beautiful, you are blessed and you are a lioness. May God watch over you and raise you above your enemies. We love you “. Does the Ivorian have views on the Cameroonian? The question is worth all its weight in gold and Internet users are also wondering.

Huh so you’re her new lover she said there huh. And she’s the Cameroonian there, huh.

She is very well and fulfilled where she is, she still has to recover from her emotional shock linked to the death of her best friend Yann.

Her gum traumatized her. Goumin that Coco had before being like that. Hmm, she’s strong physiologically.

I love so muchEmilia Coco , my general Makosso Camille, if only you could marry my star, I was going to be the happiest.

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