BEWARE: This is the most corrupt sectors in Cameroon

BEWARE: This is the most corrupt sectors in Cameroon

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December 19, 2020 0

CONAC: this is the most corrupt sector in Cameroon

He is closely followed by those in land affairs, and the police, according to the report on the state of the fight against corruption in Cameroon in 2019, released yesterday in Yaoundé by the National Anti-Corruption Commission (Conac) .

In the report on the state of the fight against corruption in Cameroon in 2019, made public yesterday in Yaoundé by the National Anti-Corruption Commission (Conac), the finance sector is at the top of the most corrupt administrations in the country. He was the most denounced in the said report, with a total of 808 calls, to stigmatize corrupt practices concerning him. These

practices relate to the requirement of retro- commissions on payments to the treasury, better known as percentage, the collection of bribes; the establishment of the taxpayer’s card, the creation of companies, fanciful taxes in the field of taxes; the customs clearance process, corruption of customs officials; corruption in the processing of retirement pension files, bill payments or civil servants’ advancement files in the central and decentralized services of the Ministry of Finance.

Finances are closely followed by Land Affairs, with 15.7% of appeals to stigmatize corruption in land, illustrated in the cases of double sale of land, shenanigans in the establishment of land titles, scams in the sub-prefectures … Law enforcement forces complete the top three of the most corrupt administrations. The police and the gendarmerie shine ostentatiously in road checks, in road safety, in the establishment of national identity cards and passports, through abusive police custody.

10 billion in financial losses

It should be noted that in 2019, Conac received 22,422 complaints, including 18,550 on its hotline at number 1517, and 3,872 by administrative and electronic means. These denunciations come from the ten regions of the country and the diaspora, with the Littoral and the Center in the leading pack. We also learn that corruption has caused financial damage to the State in the order of 10,270,732,750 (ten billion two hundred and seventy million seven hundred and thirty-two thousand seven hundred and fifty) CFA francs . These are the financial losses observed by the Conac control missions in 2019.

This tenth report received 98 contributions in 2019, including those from the National Investigation Agency.

Financière (Anif) and the Public Markets Regulatory Agency (Armp), compared to 81 in 2018. The assessment of the state of the fight against corruption concerned eight out of ten regions, with the exception of the northern regions. -West and Southwest.

“The assessment of the 2019 regional anti-corruption action plans … was only carried out in eight of Cameroon’s 10 regions, due to the situation prevailing in the North-West and the South-West . We strongly hope for a return to normal in these regions where, according to information in our possession, insecurity is the bedrock of bad governance ”, confirms Rev. Dr. Dieudonné Massi Gams, current president of Conac. A comparative analysis of the state of corruption in Cameroon over the last decade, he estimates that “initially, corruption was taboo in our country. We didn’t talk about it. Today we have evolved sufficiently. We were the most corrupt country in the world and we were rated 0. Today, in the latest Transparency International ranking, we are ranked 38th, with a score of 1.6 / 10. But there is still important work to be done, ”assures Massi Gams.

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