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Merveille is condemned to die for having performed mystical practices, prostitution and sleeping with dogs for money

• She was dragged into this world by her girlfriend

• She met marabouts who gave her conditions that she did not respect

This is the story of Merveille, a young Cameroonian living in the Democratic Republic of Congo. She is condemned to die for having had a heart bigger than her belly. Yet smart and brave at school with a promising future, she let herself be manipulated by her friend who dragged her into the easy way and therefore into the world of prostitution and mystical practices just to get money. . In her testimony that reached our editorial office, she says that the marabouts had given her conditions that she could not respect. She found herself sleeping with dogs in exchange for large sums of money. But for a while, she has been suffering from an incurable disease that has eaten away at her.

< It all started in 2012 when I was 13 years old. I was a good girl, I had my boyfriend Hervé and I went to college for my training. My father was always absent because of his work and my mother, she spent more time in her work because of her marital problems with my father which worried her and which made her unbearable. It was there that I met Prisca, a friend from the class who was very beautiful, stylish and very alert. She came from a poor family but she had everything, she paid school fees, she dressed smart, she told us about her experiences and called us blues. On the other hand, she loved me very much and once she invited me to her house.

I skipped school and went, she was only 15 but already had her well-furnished apartment and a driver. She gave me money sometimes, I used that money to buy chocolates and stuff because I didn’t miss anything at home. Once, she came to see me at home with her father, Mr Andre. While he was chatting with my dad, me and Prisca came into my room to play and talk. Asked to show him my room. She started calling me a kid. She asked me not to put on my clothes because it’s for children. That if I wanted to grow up, I should dress like her, etc. Later I learned that Mr Andre was not her father but her man, moreover it was he who took charge of her.

I was shocked but I told myself that it was his life. In 2014, I managed to go to 4th grade, she resumed the year and changed schools, she enrolled in 4th literary like me when she had failed. In fact, I was impressed by his accomplishments. I felt like I was in the wrong place so I wondered why she had everything but me nothing. She put me in touch with a certain Anderson, he was a banker and very rich, he took me to the hotel and slept with me while I was still a virgin. I wanted to prove to Prisca that I was big and capable of doing it. The gentleman gave me an envelope of 200,000 francs. He was shocked to know that I was a virgin and called Prisca to scold her. Nobody could know that I had 200,000 francs because my parents were almost absent.

So I asked Prisca to take 100,000 francs and leave me 100,000. she refused because I was a virgin and it was my blood money. She cried and scolded me saying, “Why didn’t you tell me you were a virgin? » Feeling guilty, Mr. Anderson had sworn never to abandon me, to take care of me until the end of his days. At home I was a child but outside I was a woman. A few years later, we got our state diplomas and went to college. I then asked my parents to let me take a university room. And since I was very intelligent, my accepted. While my parents knew that I was in my university room, I had moved in with Prisca and as her apartment had become small, Mr Anderson offered to rent us a villa to finally settle in to make it easier for him to coming to visit us without any problem because his status did not allow him to come to Prisca’s apartment. We settled in and everything was fine until Mr Anderson died.

I was only 18 and Prisca was 20. Mr Andre asked us to leave the villa because it was too expensive and he didn’t have enough money like his friend to pay us. Prisca angry, she refused to leave her apartment, she told me “I can’t leave this comfort” Me, I wanted to go home but she didn’t want to. asked to give us the markets. And to attract rich men, parties of all kinds were organized. This big sister Elodie put us in contact with people who sometimes paid us between 100 and 500,000 francs after sex, but on the condition of giving her 25% of the said sum. We had to sleep with 50 to 60 men a month to be able to pay the rent and survive in this life of luxury that we have chosen.

We needed money more and more because what we earned was not enough to cover our needs. We then contacted another influencer Claire she was nice and put us in touch with Alaji, the Marabout who should wash us to allow us to attract the rich men of Kinshasa. He gave us inhuman conditions, we would sometimes have to have anal sex with him, drink our periods, go out at 3:00 a.m. to sleep with spirits in the cemetery, not to mention crazy people. We did all this to become more influential and seduce men who had means. I went to 2nd year, after validating the first session, I went to show my points to my parents, they were proud of me. They trusted me and believed that I was still that innocent little girl. In 2021, I had the chance to date one of the richest men, he even asked me to marry but the Marabout had forbidden us to sleep with one man more than 5 times.

I fell in love with him and slept with him several times. One morning, he didn’t want me anymore and chased me away like a female dog. I understood that the fetish no longer worked. We went to see the Marabout, he asked us to wait a year because we couldn’t do this ritual twice in the same year. We were ruined, we sold some of our jewelry, cars and others because we couldn’t accept to go back, so we contacted Maman Mado, a big sister, former drug dealer, she introduced us to Monsieur Moustapha, a big dealer .

He showed us the way to Brazzaville where we met Mr. Martin who had the girls prostituted except that he said that we were too old for this job, his clients preferred minors but he told us that he could put in contact with his friend except that it is not an easy story although there is a lot of money at stake, he told us. Very curious, I asked the question how much money was, he told us 1,000,000 francs for 3:00. I told him that we were in agreement. We mastered the game, we were ready because in the past we did orgies, double or even triple anal and vaginal penetrations. We slept with 2-40 men a day, old and young.

Arriving there, the job was to sleep with the dogs. Not only having sex but also kissing them and giving them oral sex. 2 large dogs per person. Prisca had refused me, I accepted. I did it for 15 days and came out with a lot of money. The owner of these dogs appreciated my work very much and hired me as his dogs’ wife. I convinced Prisca, she accepted in spite of herself.

We stayed there for 3 months and returned to Kinshasa with a lot of money but my body was no longer the same. At first I thought it was just vaginal infections but gradually I started losing the pieces of my vagina. I went to see a doctor, he told me that I had a rare disease that was only found in animals. That he should talk to his vet friend to find out more.

3 days later, I went back to the hospital, they told me that it was incurable, it was like cancer and its progression was spectacular. I sold everything to heal myself and there, I feel that I am at the end, I will surely not make it this weekend so I have taken the resolution to entrust you with this story to publish it in order to save the girls and sensitize parents for the supervision of children. I will die soon, I ask women not to make the same mistake as me. May God forgive me.>>

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