Between Cynthia Fiangan and Gaelle Enganamouit Who Should be in Kondengui

Between Cynthia Fiangan and Gaelle Enganamouit Who Should be in Kondengui

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July 20, 2022 0

Between Cynthia Fiangan and Gaelle Enganamouit Who Should be in Kondengui..???

Cynthia Fiangan is pressed by justice

• She is accused of indecent exposure

• Gaëlle Enganamouit also did it

Cynthia Fiangan is the young Cameroonian (23 years old) who started by making intimate videos and publishing them since the African Cup of Nations football – CAN Cameroon 2021. DeborahGaëlle Enganamouit is a Cameroonian football player, playing as a striker. In 2015, she won the title of best African footballer of the year.Gaëlle Enganamouit is also involved in sextapes dumped on social networks.

Barring an improbable reversal of the situation, Cynthia Fiangan will spend a few years in prison for her behavior deemed indecent and which depraves morals.Gaëlle Enganamouit was not arrested. However, the facts of which Cynthia Fiangan is accused are the same as reproduced by DeborahGaëlle Enganamouit and her companion.

Me Christian Bomo Ntimbane wrote about this situation of injustice on his Facebook page. The Cameroonian lawyer welcomes the arrest of Cynthia Fiangan and requests that ofGaelle Enganamouit . Precisely, he is not the only one to think that anyone who borrows this life of debauchery must be punished in accordance with the law, regardless of the social status of the culprit. ON THE CASE OF YOUNG CYNTHIA ATANGANA According to information taken from Dr. David Eboutou ‘s wall , young Cynthia Atangana was placed under a warrant of committal at Kondengui central prison last night. He would be accused, among other things, of the facts of obscene publications, attacks on modesty. She would appear this morning before the examining magistrate.

Cynthia Atangana is presented on Facebook by those who follow her or have had access to her publications as this young lady who would have exposed, without complex on the internet, photos and films of her nudity, her scenes of lewdness, fornication and adultery. In short, like a young girl with highly depraved morals.

The Civil Society of Reconciliators welcomes this reaction of the public prosecutor, who has finally decided to lead the fight against the trivialization of all these deviant behaviors of this youth in danger, and who allows himself to do everything, to push the far possible, without society no longer having the right to sanction it.

It is not so much the dissemination of the hideous life of Madame Cynthia Atangana on social networks that must be sanctioned, in which case one might think that this detention would aim to silence her on the denunciation of her multiple partners, but rather , to remind her and through her, all our youth, to a modest life.

The Civil Society of Reconciliators calls on the prosecutors of the Republic of Cameroon to be even more firm by interpellations which will not be respect of person, when they have engaged in such practices or similar things.

We all have a duty to protect our youth and our children. The prison thus regaining its role as an educator through the sanction of antisocial behavior.

Finally, the Civil Society of Reconciliators also reminds the prosecutors of the Republic of Cameroon that Mrs.Gaëlle Enganamouit and her companion are still and curiously at large despite being suspected of illegal practices in Cameroon.

Condemns and denounces for this purpose this justice at two speeds, two weights two measures, to the facies. This justice which enshrines this adage: “Depending on whether you are powerful or miserable, the judgments of the court will make you white or black”.

As things stand, it wouldn’t be at all a surprise if the former Indomitable LionessGaëlle Enganamouit is imprisoned in Kondengui after Cynthia Fiangan. For that, she must first return to the country.

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