BBN: Yerins Reveals

BBN: Yerins Reveals

N Melo
by N Melo
November 11, 2021 0

BBN Yerins Reveals that, people should not be deceived as he says,” people are funny though. Some people think because you are a celeb, you can not take taxi or buy at a small boutique,”

“You better not be deceived some of your favorites are on this table. Just packaging for social media,” he said.

He further advice that, You should be yourself and do not please anyone. Cut your coats wisely.

I think there is truthiness to what he is saying. Many of us leave our lifes to please others. Some are usually oppressed by this instagram celebrities or Slay queens.

Behind a picture, there is a story. Some do not even have food to eat or money but yet they showcase fake life on instagram.

That is why you should be yourself and avoid pleasing people.

What are your thoughts on this ??

N Melo
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