Bandits free their hostages and return the ransom to its owner

Bandits free their hostages and return the ransom to its owner

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July 2, 2022 0

bandits free their hostages and return the ransom to its owner

While several people were kidnapped in Zamfara State in northern Nigeria a week ago, we learn that these people have been released and that their ransom has been returned by the kidnappers, reports Premium Time.
According to local Nigerian media, the gunmen who abducted three health workers in Zamfara state last Saturday along Gusau Dansadau highway in Maru local government have freed the hostages. Also, the kidnappers, according to the sources, returned a ransom of 5 million naira paid for the release of the health workers.

In a report, online media outlet Premium Time, citing its sources, confirmed the releases on Friday. The same media explains that the locals said that the cattle herders who committed themselves to a lasting peace with the farming communities of Dansadau, intervened and obtained the release of the health workers as well as the cessation of the payment of the ransom. of 5 million naira demanded by the bandits.

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‘A traditional leader, Mustapha Umar, said concerned cattle herders escorted the ransom bearer, Sama’ila Nagogo to the delivery location and caught the armed bandits and took them to their superiors’, Premium Time reported. The herders then collected the ransom and demanded the kidnappers release the hostages, the traditional ruler said.

“The ransom was returned to the owner, Mamman Tsafe, whose children were among the kidnapped victims. We learned that the bandits are popular in the area and are probably unaware of the peace truce between farmers and cattle herders in the emirate of Dansadau,” the traditional leader said.

Residents of Dansadau had reached a truce last year with cattle ranchers, including armed bandits, in the district. The truce was reached after years of tit for tat attacks in the region.

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