Arson at Mamfe District Hospital: 45 patients narrowly saved-AMBA/ MILITARY STRUGGLE

Arson at Mamfe District Hospital: 45 patients narrowly saved-AMBA/ MILITARY STRUGGLE

N Melo
by N Melo
June 9, 2022 0

Arson at Mamfe District Hospital: 45 patients narrowly saved -AMBA/ MILITARY STRUGGLE

A violent fire ravaged yesterday evening Wednesday, June 8, 2022

The district hospital of Mamfe, a town in Cameroon’s South West region and capital of the Manyu department, was reduced to ashes. The scene occurred yesterday evening.

The images and videos received by the editorial staff of show the violence of the fire. A violent fire ravaged several buildings of the district hospital of Mamfe yesterday Wednesday, June 8, 2022, an area plagued by a security crisis that has already claimed thousands of victims.

45 patients were narrowly saved thanks to the mobilization and transferred to the hospital of the local garrison, where they are being treated, reports Crtv. According to the same source, the flames, whose origin is attributed to armed gangs, completely devastated the district hospital of Mamfe on the night of Wednesday 08 to Thursday 09 June 2022.

Informed, the prefect of the Manyu department Joseph Oum went down to the scene in the company of the defense and security forces. According to the administrative authority, the structure was unexpectedly visited by a group of armed men at around 9 pm. An investigation has been opened to establish the exact causes of the fire.

Previously, statements accusing Ambazonian separatists on the one hand and the Cameroonian army on the other were reported. << This hospital was burned by the Ambazonians>>, said a witness who is contradicted by an internet user who argues that << This hospital is located only between 300 and 400 meters from the military base in Besongabang. How can this act be committed by ambaboys in the bushes? This is the job of the army and later the government will take loans from IMF and divert them >>.

The destroyed Mamfe District Hospital is a health facility located in a conflict zone, linked to the Anglophone crisis that has been raging for at least six years, the Cameroonian newspaper reveals. It is not the first to suffer the fury of the flames of the barbarity of armed men. On February 11, the Kumba district hospital was the victim of a fire attributed to Anglophone separatists.

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