Apple opens center in Cameroon to conquer Central Africa

Apple opens center in Cameroon to conquer Central Africa

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August 12, 2022 0

Apple opens center in Cameroon to conquer Central Africa

On August 12, 2022, the American multinational Apple, which specializes in the creation and marketing of consumer electronic products, as well as computers and computer software, is opening its very first business center in the Douala Grand Mall. approved experience in Central Africa. “  For more than 36 months at Apple, the deployment of a world-class experience center has been carefully planned, to allow consumers to enter the Apple ecosystem  ”, explains the firm in the official press release.

In this structure called iCenter, we learn, the customer has access to all Apple products and can benefit from the assistance of one of Apple’s certified engineers, in order to be able to live the experience of all the products of the company. “The role of the iCenter in Cameroon is also to market wholesale to all resellers of the Apple brand, and to establish partnerships with the various companies in the country. (…) The other solution that we intend to offer to companies is the sale of telephones  ”, specifies Danielle Biyoga, Apple Executive Representative.

According to this representative of Apple, the choice of Cameroon for the opening of the very first center of experience approved by the American firm in Central Africa was not done by chance.

“(…) Apple wanted to start with Cameroon, because of its proximity to Nigeria and its bilingualism. Cameroon is like the test market for the implementation of the Apple brand in Central Africa. Other countries like the DRC and Gabon will follow.  “, underlines Danielle Biyoga.

Thanks to the Douala Grand Mall iCenter, we officially learn, Apple will introduce for the first time in Central Africa, ”  the premium extended warranty , which is an 18-month Apple warranty service on all products and also a 6-month warranty on phone screens  .

Manufacturer of Macintosh computers, iPod (digital music player), iPad (touch pad) or even the Apple Watch, the multinational Apple has become better known in the world in recent years thanks to its famous luxury mobile phone. baptized iPhone. The opening of the Douala approved experience center will also give Cameroonian customers the opportunity to win the iPhone 14, and thus become the first to have this equipment in Cameroon, we learn.

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