Announced dead, No Pity resurfaces and chairs an important meeting

Announced dead, No Pity resurfaces and chairs an important meeting

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July 1, 2022 0

Announced dead, No Pity resurfaces and chairs an important meeting

He reappears and chairs the Security Council
• He was announced dead

• Others indicated his flight to Nigeria

• He reappears and chairs the Security Council

Ambazonian General No Pity was announced dead a few days ago. The rumor quickly circulated like wildfire.

Other sources even indicated that the Ambazonian general was dying, injured and even on the run in neighboring Nigeria.

To silence the rumor, the 28-year-old general, the most formidable of Ambazonia met his staff this Thursday.

He chaired the defense council. For the moment, nothing has filtered from the exchanges of this security advice.

However, a source indicates that this security advice was fruitful.

“As high instructions, General No Pity emphasized rigor and patriotism as ideals of liberation struggle,” commented whistleblower Nzui Manto.

Recall that a few days ago, a prefect launched a war against the Ambazonian General No Pity.

The sub-prefect of Kouoptamo launches a war against the Ambazonian general No Pity. He defined his own method to fight the latter.

Thus, in a press release dated this Monday, June 27, the sub-prefect of Kouoptamo asked the populations to cut all the corn stalks for fear that the Ambazonian general No Pity is hiding in the fields.

“The Sub-Prefect of the District of Kouoptamo brings to the attention of all the populations of his command unit, that, due to the current security context marked by the threat of secessionist attacks, all the corn fields in the entire urban perimeter of the Municipality of Kouoptamo and its surroundings, must within 10 days from the date of signature of this press release, be cleaned and pruned of their leaves up to one (01) meter in height “, he indicated in his note.

According to the civil administrator, the heights of corn and peanut stalks form a hiding place where the Ambazonian General No Pity and his elements could hide before launching an attack.

This is why a period of 10 days has been granted to each villager so that he can uproot, cut everything that is in his field!

He also indicates that offenders will see their fields, now non-compliant, be completely destroyed.

“He attaches importance to the implementation of this instruction, failing which the agents of the Commune will be authorized at the end of this period, to proceed with the total destruction of non-compliant farms”, specifies the note.

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