Anglophone crisis and arms shipments to Ambazonian…Bertin Metsengue

Anglophone crisis and arms shipments to Ambazonian…Bertin Metsengue

N Melo
by N Melo
June 13, 2022 0

Anglophone crisis and arms shipments to Ambazonian

5 soldiers lost their lives in the West

Cameroon is once again shaken by terrorist attacks in the Northwest, Southwest and now West regions. In this article, Bertin Metsengue points to the suppliers of arms to the Ambazonians.

The North-West and South-West regions of Cameroon have been experiencing a resurgence of tension in recent days. This upsurge in violence is being transferred to the Western region. However, since the beginning of this escalation of violence, the defense and security forces have already seized dozens of shipments of weapons, and yet the weapons continue to abound in these regions. Who is supplying the terrorists with weapons and for what purpose?

In the last few days, the Amba terrorists have resumed their activities, the hospital in Manfé has been burned, and 09 soldiers have been killed in Noun. However, since 2016, not a single day goes by when the Cameroonian defense forces have not seized weapons from the hands of Amba terrorists, but the weapons are still there.
The Minister of the Interior (Minister of Territorial Administration) banned the sale of arms for commercial purposes on May 6, 2021, but this has not stopped the phenomenon from growing. Nigeria and Cameroon have strengthened security on their borders, yet Manyu, Lebialem and other Menchum and Mezam continue to sink into an escalation of violence caused by these common criminals that some jokers call “separatists” ignoring their modus operandi identical to that of Boko Haram.

Anglophone crisis and arms shipments to Ambazonian

The security crisis that has been raging for nearly six years is still going on because of the ambiguous involvement of certain national and international actors. Indeed, for ages, the Cameroonian authorities have been pointing an accusing finger at some NGOs and other humanitarian organizations for delivering weapons to terrorists.
On December 28, 2019, Cameroon’s Minister of the Interior Paul Atanga NJI revealed in a press conference the harmful role that some NGOs play in crisis regions: “In the Southwest region, our security and defense forces stopped an ambulance of a humanitarian agency that was supposed to transport wounded. In this ambulance, there were three wounded people, but they were dangerous terrorists actively sought by the security and defense forces.

More seriously, there were 3 Kalashnikovs and two boxes of ammunition… ” In December 2020, the Governor of the Northwest Region had expelled doctor Without Borders for the same reasons.

These irresponsible “friendly” countries

These NGOs, despite their harmful implications, produce controversial and misleading reports aimed at blaming the security and defense forces for the abuses they help commit. Then the next step is taken. This gives the pretext to so-called friendly countries, or certain bilateral partners in diplomatic jargon, to meddle in the internal affairs of a sovereign country by drafting resolutions disconnected from the reality of the facts.

This approach aims at disguising the role of these States of dubious sincerity. These countries where most of the weapons found in the Anglophone regions are purchased by dangerous individuals clearly identified by the State of Cameroon and to whom international arrest warrants have been issued in these countries but have not been acted upon. Cameroon has clearly identified the countries in which the financiers of the horrors and killings in the English-speaking regions of Cameroon reside: The USA, Norway, Sweden, the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland and South Africa.

but so far none has deigned to lift a finger. The United States, a few weeks ago, arrested 03 on a list of several. It is not for lack of trying. An NGO, Action 237 Switzerland, has decided to bring to court several EU countries in order to bring to justice some of them, including Luca Ayaba Cho who resides in Norway, but the Norwegian justice has not lifted a finger, giving a blank check to continue to carry out its criminal actions. On the other hand, the NGO Norwegian Refugee Council has seen fit to make a phantom classification of neglected crises in the world. However, it should have filed a civil suit in the courts of its country of origin to track down the dangerous criminals living in its country.

It is therefore urgent that the governing order in Cameroon be firmer with its irresponsible friends who participate in perpetuating the cycle of violence in Cameroon on the one hand and on the other hand to move into higher gear by declaring a state of exception in its two regions. The population must also get more involved in this crisis by collaborating with their army, otherwise, a snake that is protected or fed will end up killing its own children.

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