Anglophone Alert: Buea chief prepares Rwandan-style ethnic cleansing

Anglophone Alert: Buea chief prepares Rwandan-style ethnic cleansing

N Melo
by N Melo
December 16, 2020 0

Anglophone Alert: Buea chief prepares Rwandan-style ethnic cleansing

Tensions in the troubled northwest and southwest regions of Cameroon are now increasingly framed by ethnic lines.

In addition to the general insecurity observed in the English-speaking regions since 2016, the introduction of ethnic considerations into the war threatens national stability and the very foundations of the state.

In the past few hours, a video has circulated on social media showing Chief Ewome Eko John aka Moja Moja, traditional chief of Bwassa village in Buea subdivision, asking non-indigenous Bakweri to leave within 24 hours.

To put it more clearly, Chief Ewome Eko, who is also a soldier of the infamous Israel-formed Rapid Intervention Battalion, BIR, left his village, went to the nearby village of Likoko Membea, giving an ultimatum 24 hours for people of Northwest origin from.

The traditional ruler carrying snakes has been the order of the day for so long, acting with impunity under the surveillance of his superiors, politicians and state authorities. He beat, assaulted, harassed and probably killed people just because they were from the Northwest region.

The actions of this individual soldier risk tearing Cameroon’s national fabric apart, with more

Point four of the preamble of the Cameroonian constitution stipulates that “everyone has the right to settle in any place and to move freely, subject to the statutory provisions concerning public order, security and tranquility”.

Point 25 adds that “the State guarantees to all citizens of both sexes the rights and freedoms set out in the preamble to the Constitution”.

Moja Moja says the armed separatists operating in Buea are all from the North West region and have a program to kill all the Bakweri leaders. It is true that since 2018, three Bakweri leaders have died at the hands of armed separatists. After Chef Njie Mbanda in 2018, Chef Molinga Francis Nangoh on November 6, 2020 and Chef Ikome Ngale on Sunday.

Moja Moja says that while the traditional rulers in the northwest are kidnapped and released; those in the Southwest are kidnapped and killed. This is the narrative that cooks long before the murders reach the chefs. Souvenirs from the Southwest Forum of January 2017 and 2018 were meant to mark people from the Northwest, what they call graffiti.

Without calling Chief Ewome Eko to order, an elite Bakweri joined him in saying that the North West had a program to dominate the South West during the Anglophone crisis.

In fact, Donald Malomba, MP for Buea, and Senator Mbella Moki Charles both live in Likoko Membea, where Moja Moja used to walk around like a town crier preaching xenophobia. Several hours later, lawmakers have yet to condemn Moja Moja’s actions and statements.

Hon. Instead, Donald Malomba said yesterday at Mile 14 that the Bakweri Chiefs were targeted. He was apparently getting the message across that Moja Moja is carrying out a plan devised by the elite.

Moja Moja therefore dances to drum rhythms from the upper quarters.

The National Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism, chaired by Peter Mafany Musonge, has turned a blind eye to xenophobia, suggesting it supports hatred against the peoples of the North West. Not even George Ngwane, member of the commission, reacted. This is how they treated the ethnic hatred directed against Professor Maurice Kamto and his CRM party.

Mimi Mefo Info recalls that the Commission was created on January 23, 2017 and is responsible for promoting bilingualism and multiculturalism in Cameroon with a view to: Maintaining peace; Consolidation of the unity of the country; Strengthen the will and the daily experience of its people in terms of living together.

When the national and international community ignores ethnic cleansing, it often results in a massive bill. If history teaches us anything about how to look away from repressive regimes, it’s that sooner or later we have to fund refugee camps, send peacekeepers, host negotiations, host thousands. migrants seeking asylum, then helping to rebuild destroyed nations. It doesn’t matter how hard it is on our collective conscience to stand by as civilians are slaughtered and displaced.

Cameroon could slip into another Rwanda. The Rwandan genocide was the massive massacre of Tutsi, as well as moderate Twa and Hutus, perpetrated between April 7 and July 15, 1994 during the Rwandan civil war. The most widely accepted scientific estimates are around 500,000 to 600,000 Tutsi deaths.

But Dr Ernest Molua, registrar at the University of Buea, has since taken to social media to beat the war drums, along with other Bakweri elites. In one of the many Facebook posts, Molua, whose mother is Bakweri and father of ibiobio in Nigeria wrote: “The Tutsi thought they were smart! When the Hutus pounced on them, they shouted Genocide, calling on the international community!

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