An old man caught violating a three-year-old girl and beaten by the population

An old man caught violating a three-year-old girl and beaten by the population

N Melo
by N Melo
August 14, 2022 0

An old man caught violating a three-year-old girl and beaten by the population

The days go by and the rapes follow one another

• Another old person and a child

• This time, the age difference is abysmal

Rape is defined as an act by which a person forces another to have sexual relations with him, by violence. This is a situation in which more and more vulnerable little girls find themselves in Cameroon, whom the elderly abuse without any mercy or decency.

Natchingou is a group in West Cameroon, in Bamileke country. Located in the department of ndé, the village is seventeen (17) kilometers from Bangangté.

There, a seventy-five (75) year old grandfather was arrested when he raped a girl who was not even a quarter of a quarter of his age.

As told by a Cameroonian whistleblower informed of the crime, the seventy-five (75) year old grandfather was beaten up this evening (Saturday August 13, 2022, editor’s note) after raping a child.

The victim is only three (03) years old: “Stupor and incomprehension in the Batchingou village where an ancestor took leave of his hut, not to eat the goat of the customs but, to tear off by force the pepper from a child of three ( 03) years”.

The source known for his humor in the account of these disastrous stories, added that “this picturesque old sorcerer, him to whom science predicted the impossibility of his progenitor apparatus to germinate anything at his age, deviated all prognoses of nature to monopolize with the help of her stiff muscles, the virginity of a girl of three (03) years”.

He was beaten “like a totem by a furious population”. The informant specifies that “the dean of the Batchingou rapists remained silent, unable to express the slightest regret. It is the blows of the slats on his pair of rusty marbles that will finally get the better of his murderous silence.

“” It’s the curse of customs that follows me “”, the old man ended up suggesting. An admission tinged with superstitions which still pushed his boxers to inflict additional uppercuts on him. Three (03) years and not twelve (12) years. Needless to say that the grandmothers of the village asked him why he was boycotting them for the child”, N’zui Manto narrates.

N Melo
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