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Ambazonians may NEVER reach Buea…Anglophone population cry torture and kidnap

Ambazonians may NEVER reach Buea…Anglophone population cry torture and kidnap

N Melo
by N Melo
August 17, 2022 0

Ambazonians may NEVER reach Buea…Anglophone population cry torture and kidnap

The anglophone population just want their peace back, fade up from Ambazonian kidnap and torture, particularly the population of the north west who want to enjoy the freedom in most localities in the South West Region; hardcore areas like momo in Batibo are giving up and happy to have back their freedom, they are tired of being tortured by people they felt were fighting for them, they are ready to side with the military or get amba arrested, happy football maches have been organised and life appears to be normal again, just like the case in Lebialem with the Killing of Red Dragon king and the ever popuar Ayekeye.

Some people commented recently as such;

Why terrorise your own community? Someone should show them where the military are located. Go and make film in the Gendarmerie brigade, ad the SDO and governor’s office. Don’t go attacking innocent civilians and acting movies on the road. What is this madness? 😔 🤦🏾‍♂️ Shooting yourself in the foot.

A revolution that was started to protect the people has turned the guns against the people. Very sad. 😡.. So this poor woman, poor mother of 5 is why you carried guns to attack her? You leave the military alone to come and kidnap this poor woman

Within 6 months, ambazonia revolution will collapse, as things are beginning to come to normal.
Chris Anu accepts the fact that ambazonia revolution is failing, and #Cameroon 🇨🇲 is WinningFatly.. He says the revolution is not in good hands.. Listen for yourselves.
Let’s be honest. The struggle is struggling. Many people have turned away from the struggle, home and abroad. No more protests and demonstrations abroad, no more donations, but on the ground kidnapping are increasing, and population is tired of amba atrocities, people want peace and normalcy to return.
We say no football during war, but AFCON took place 🤔 throughout the territory, communities are organising and hosting successful football ⚽ tournaments..

Amba boys are running to DDR, to Nigeria, to francophone zones. We cannot lie about these things any more. Chris Anu once claimed that no amba boys were dropping their guns, but at the same time he comes to say four excombattants from DDR Buea, who ran away from #redDragons are the ones who killed film Marshal FMA Oliver. So you see, the lies do not work anymore.
Ambazonia is a failure. It is like a car crash happening in slow motion, and everyone is seeing it, but no one can stop it. #Cameroon is winning.

This is why ambazonia is desperately begging Cameroon for dialogue, because soon, they will have no leverage because the population will rise us and end everything. You have seen, people do not respect Ghost Towns and lockdowns anymore.. Life is returning to normal. That is a FACT!

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