Ambazonian war: The days of "No Pity" now numbered by the most powerful Bouba Dobekero - Latest Updates on business and health
Ambazonian war: The days of “No Pity” now numbered by the most powerful Bouba Dobekero

Ambazonian war: The days of “No Pity” now numbered by the most powerful Bouba Dobekero

N Melo
by N Melo
August 9, 2022 0

Ambazonian war: The days of “No Pity” now numbered by the most powerful Bouba Dobekero

The fighting is raging in OKU, the vulgar terrorist leader NO PITY had undertaken, according to certain sources, to attack by surprise the OKU brigade in the North West, he came up against an unexpected response causing him to lose several of his accomplices and seriously wounding him on August 07, 2022.

Some sources in the theater of operations in the North-West indicate that the main terrorist leader Mbashie Clément alias NO PITY has been in a sorry state in recent hours in the locality of OKU in the North-West injured following an altercation against the defense and security forces. He would have fled, leaving behind several of his men. General DOBEKREO’s men are on his heels to capture him and bring him to justice
Since the reorganization at the head of the fifth military region carried out by the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces and Cameroonian

President Paul Biya last July putting at the head of this region General Bouba Dobekreo and General Housseini Djibo appointed respectively commanders of the 5th military region and the 5th Gendarmerie region, nothing is going well in the ranks of the groups of Ambas militiamen who sowed death and desolation in this region plagued by terrorism. During his installation on July 19, General Bouba DOBEKREO gave the only option the reissue to the Ambas terrorists ““They have in front of them a warrior and I will bring an answer for peace……….The message that I pass, it is to lay down arms, to build the country, so that we can achieve peace, so that we arrive at the reconstruction of this country. » DOBEKREO, Bamenda on July 19, 2022.

Meanwhile, Amba terrorism propaganda networks are spreading vague information about alleged victories over the defense forces. One of the Financiers of Amba terrorism, housed in Norway and protected by this European State, Lucas Ayaba Cho published in his tweeter account the information according to which his men would have captured 17 Cameroonian soldiers and killed 11 erroneous information which in no way reflects the truth of facts. This propagandist approach simply aims to overestimate the nuisance capacity of this horde of criminals to national and international opinion.

However, in just two weeks the firepower of the Cameroonian special forces has gone up a notch and the losses in the enemy ranks amount to several dozen neutralized terrorists. Paul Biya gave the separatists plenty of time to get out of the bush to return to the Republic. In view of the new configuration on the ground, it seems that Yaoundé is determined this time to pacify these regions once in crisis as soon as possible. In almost all of the crisis regions of Ndu, Bamenda, Batibo, Wum, Kumba, Limbe, Buea and others, the populations have now gone about their business. Paul Biya does not intend to discuss with those who took up arms. They have only one choice to lay down their arms otherwise they will be neutralized in the short term.

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