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Ambazonian Attack: a homemade bomb found by soldiers in Bamenda

Ambazonian Attack: a homemade bomb found by soldiers in Bamenda

N Melo
by N Melo
July 29, 2022 0

Ambazonian Attack: a homemade bomb found by soldiers in Bamenda

A homemade bomb was found on Friday

• The discovery was made in Bamenda

• The perpetrators unknown for the moment

Despite Emmanuel Macron’s visit to Cameroon, the Anglophone crisis has not yet seen a resolution. This Friday, the editorial staff of learned that a homemade bomb was discovered in Bamenda.

It was at a place called Mobile Nkwen that the object hidden in the middle of the shops was found.

For the time being, the identity of the person or persons who placed the explosive device is not known.

A few days ago, at the start of the week, a bomb exploded a few hours before Emmanuel Macron landed in Cameroon.

His stay also took place in a rather turbulent security context in Cameroon with the multiplication of explosions of homemade bombs in the heart of the capital.

It is the colleague LeTgvdeLinfo who gives the information. According to this media, there was a few moments ago the explosion of a homemade bomb in the Damascus district of Yaoundé. “The said bomb was concealed in a suitcase”, specifies the colleague who does not give more details.

A few days ago, after the explosion of two homemade bombs in the space of ten days at the Mokolo market in Yaoundé (Saturday July 2 and Tuesday July 12), the prefect took measures criticized by part of civil society .
In his decree, the SDO of Mfoundi prohibits the abandonment of parcels, plastic bags and packaging in public places. It also announces that the “unjustified detention” of nuts, balls, bolts, nails or pieces of iron will be considered “a dangerous preparation”. And above all, he affirms that any “offender” will be declared “suspect” as well as “anyone who rejoices in the difficulties of the State or wishes to see the State in difficulty. »

“It is difficult to understand how someone who gives his opinion by talking about the difficulties of the state can be considered, from the point of view of the SDO of Mfoundi, as being a “suspect”. It is a serious threat that we denounce, that we decry. We call on the administrative authority to do its job, which is to ensure the safety of Cameroonians and not to violate the fundamental rights and freedoms of Cameroonians.

We expect this administrative authority and the Defense and Security Forces to communicate and inform Cameroonians about what could have happened, who planted such a bomb and about what is being done to ensure that Cameroonians are safe, instead of making exits that leave us perplexed about what the administrative authority research. “, denounced Cyrille Rolande Béchon, executive director of the civil society organization New Human Rights-Cameroon (NDH-Cameroon), to Rfi.

In the aftermath, two people were apprehended in the Cameroonian capital Yaoundé.

“The said individuals,” a senior police official who spoke on condition of anonymity told Xinhua, “are traders at Mokolo market, one of the most popular markets in the city where the blast took place. not far from a fire brigade. A security zone was quickly circumscribed around the site of the accident, and an investigation was opened to determine the origin of the homemade bomb,” revealed Xinhua.

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