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Ambazonia on the verge of implosion: Chris Anu fired and humiliated!

Ambazonia on the verge of implosion: Chris Anu fired and humiliated!

N Melo
by N Melo
August 29, 2022 0

Ambazonia on the verge of implosion: Chris Anu fired and humiliated!

Iya Marienta the President of the self-proclaimed Republic of Ambazonia has taken important decisions that are creating a tsunami within the resistance. Journalist Michel Biem Tong, who closely follows the activities of separatist groups, makes disturbing revelations.

“Fire on the mountain”, say the English. If you come across Ngoh Ngoh, Dion Ngute, Paul Tasong, Atanga Nji, EKO EKO Maxime or retired Colonel Émile Bamkoui, please tell them to come and contain the flames that continue to consume the Ambazonian government that they have created to weaken the legitimate practice of Dr. Samuel Sako Ikome. Indeed, the president of this anti-Sako government, Iya Marienta, decided on August 28, 2022 to dismiss Chris Anu from her position as communication secretary for “subversion”. The president also canceled the presidential elections which were scheduled for next weekend.

To put it simply, Chris Anu is contacted by the Biya regime’s securocrats (including Bamkoui Émile) during 2021 to sow confusion within the Ambazonian interim government led by Sako Ikome (their worst nightmare). Mission written in the roadmap: overthrow Sako Ikome. To do this, Chris Anu, who has sworn never to grant an interview to Mimi Mefo because of his articles critical of Ambazonian armed groups, opens up to the journalist. He tells her about a contract he and Sako had made with the Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC). Revelations made on the basis of a document with a letterhead from Agritech, a CDC partner. A few days later, the General Manager of Agritech will deny any contact between his structure and the Ambazonian government.

The coup attempt fails. Therefore, a parallel government is created headed by Dr. Emmanuel Tita. After smelling some scorch, Dr. Tita tenders his resignation just days after his appointment. Reason given: the anti-Sako government is based on hatred and denunciation (accusations against Sako without proof). He is replaced by Iya Marienta Njomia. But according to reliable sources, it comes back to us that it was Chris Anu that Yaoundé wanted to see at the head of this dissident government. But in order not to quickly show his cards, it was necessary to find a figurehead king who would manage the transition for 6 months before the holding of the elections at the end of which Chris Anu would be proclaimed president.

Unfortunately, the one who was chosen to manage the transition decided to impose herself as president with full powers. Thus thwarting Yaoundé’s plan which consisted in taking control of the anti-Sako Ambazonian government through Chris Anu, his pawn. The puppet therefore played the puppeteers.

Consequently, a pass of arms began between Chris Anu and Marienta. The first accuses the second of inertia while the latter accuses the first of wanting to destabilize his cabinet as he did the one led by Sako Ikome.

The power of Yaoundé, which had already claimed victory believing that it had succeeded in infiltrating and dislocating the Ambazonian leadership, will once again have to deal with increasingly upsurge attacks by Ambazonian armed groups. In recent days, things have exploded again at the IED, especially at BAFUT and Eyumojock, and Cameroonian soldiers continue to fall. While the Marienta faction is torn apart, Sako’s government calmly continues the liberation struggle of the Ambazonian people. With his treasure almost 600 million FCFA.

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