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‘All your scam files will be out’: Boris Bertolt threatens Eto’o

‘All your scam files will be out’: Boris Bertolt threatens Eto’o

N Melo
by N Melo
August 12, 2022 0

‘All your scam files will be out’: Boris Bertolt threatens Eto’o

• Boris Bertolt threatens to expose the former player

• He accuses David Eto’o of having swindled 500,000 FCFA from a shopkeeper

• Another outing by the journalist on the case

In a publication this Friday, August 12, Boris Bertolt has asked David Eto’o to quickly repay the 500,000 he owes to the young shopkeeper named Doris.

The journalist addresses undisguised threats to the brother of Samuel Eto’o who has several such scams to his credit.

“David Eto’o is only going to repay the 500,000 CFA francs he owes to the young trader Doris. A real man cannot take the clothes for his own child and does not pay. It’s dirty. If you like him contribute too much and go and reimburse this girl’s money … Those who know me know that I do not insist on a file if I am not sure to go through with it”, writes Boris Bertolt.

“What is it even in this country where people use their position to subdue the weakest. We are talking here about a young girl who is fighting to do her business. It is behaviors like that that make people close their eyes. shops here outside. In addition, David Eto’o disrespects the mother of the girl.

David Eto’o, this morning when you get up there tell yourself that the first thing to do is to go and pay the 500,000 CFA francs for this girl. If you are ashamed, send someone close to you to pay. Otherwise, all your scam and scam records will be out. I’m going to do what is called shaming in English, “he adds.

Recall that in a previous publication, Boris revealed how Samuel’s younger brother had scammed the lady, a baby clothes seller.

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