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Cameroon: all BIR top brass speak Hebrew, the real reasons revealed”

All influential BIR officers speak Hebrew

Many people don’t know it, but all of the influential officers in the BIR, the Cameroonian army’s elite intelligence unit, speak fluent Hebrew and have done much of their training in Israel. It must be said that between Paul Biya and the Mossad (Israeli intelligence), there is a love affair that goes back many years.) Here are the reasons.

According to revelations made in the book “Our dear spies in Africa” by Antoine Glaser and Thomas Hofnung, Israel maintains the Biya regime thanks to its former officers and all the cadres of the Army must speak Hebrew.

The book “Our dear spies in Africa” plunges us into the mysteries of the system of power retention in Cameroon. It was already known that Head of State Biya had entrusted his personal guard to Israel, because of a mistrust of the Elysée. But what was not known was that the official language of communication between the officers of the BIR was Hebrew and all were obliged to speak fluently the language of the Hebrew nation state.

Here are some excerpts from the book chosen for you

“Supervised by Israeli officers, the Cameroonian BIR (Rapid Intervention Battalion)
first dedicated to presidential security before intervening in the north of the country.
before intervening in the north of the country against the Nigerian jihadist movement.
The boss of the BIR is Maher Herez, a former general in the IDF (Israeli army).
army), after the death in 2010 of his predecessor, Colonel Abraham Avi Sivan, in
Abraham Avi Sivan, in the crash of his helicopter. Sivan was the former
defense attaché at the Israeli embassy in Yaoundé. Previously, it was another Mossad colonel
another officially retired Mossad colonel, Meir Meyouhas, known as Meyer, who
Meyer, who supervised the presidential guard.
Until 1988, he had served in Zaire (today’s DRC), in the guard of Marshal Mobutu.
the guard of Marshal Mobutu”.

“For military equipment, all these Israeli officers work or
with Sami Meyuhas, a supplier approved by the Israeli Ministry of Defense
Ministry of Defense and which operates from Geneva. For the presidential guard and the
BIR, there are unlimited credits for the purchase of the most sophisticated weapons and

“The 6,800 men of the Presidential Guard, real “rambos” who are over-equipped, could easily resist the 40,000 men of the Cameroonian army. The commandos trained by the BIR are recognizable by their beige Pataugas and, above all, by their conversations in Hebrew, a mandatory language if one wants to climb the hierarchy of this elite brigade. Cameroonian officers must learn Hebrew for a year and a half. After all, Yaoundé is only a four-hour flight from Tel Aviv.

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