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Russia, under embargo, is looking for new partners because the economic and diplomatic situation forces it to innovate. The sanctions imposed by part of the international community are weighing on its trade balance.

Since the beginning of the Russian military intervention in Ukraine, the economic sanctions have been increasing. The European Union (EU), the United States and all their allies have almost put Vladimir Putin’s country under a trade embargo. That said, gas is still being sold to parts of the EU. But overall, the Russian economy is starting to show signs of weakness. It is therefore looking for new outlets for its production and suppliers for its industry. That is why the Russian government is trying to deepen its relations with countries that are still willing to do business. And this is where the African continent comes into play.

It is therefore high time to find new economic partners. African countries seem ready to take advantage of this opportunity to forge new ties with it. The cryptocurrency and the TON block chain could serve as a particle gas pedal. This is the case of Cameroon, Congo and the Democratic Republic of Congo, which will implement the TON block chain and cryptocurrency.

Recently, TON has already been cooperating with these three countries independently and has taken the initiative to create cryptocurrency and block chain solutions for each state, the company said.
As a result, these three Central African countries will therefore implement the TON block chain and cryptocurrency at the state level. The Democratic Republic of Congo is also considering creating its own digital currency based on TON, the block Chain press office told TASS.

“Cameroon, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and the Republic of Congo today announced their intention to adopt crypto-currency and blockchain-based solutions for future economic progress,” the press service said.

Each of these countries will make a gradual transition to using crypto-currencies as the centerpiece of their economic structure. This will provide many opportunities for bank and non-bank individuals to participate in the economy, which will serve as an incentive for the country’s economic development, the company believes. Since TON is a decentralized platform, it will provide control and confidence in data security for citizens. In addition, the platform will be integrated with the Telegram messenger for the convenience of users.

The establishment of TON can be the right tool to enrich the government and the people, the TON news service reported the words of the Congo’s Minister of Posts, Telecommunications and Digital Economy, Leon Juste Ibombo. Cameroon’s Minister of Posts and Telecommunications, Minette Liebom Li Likeng, noted that the partnership with TON could play a fundamental role in the digital ecosystem of Cameroon.

The Minister of Digital Economy of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Desire Kashmir Eberande Kolongele, in turn, spoke of new cooperation projects with the blockchain platform. “We are also enthusiastically starting to consider launching a national stablecoin on the TON blockchain, which will democratize access to our financial system for millions of unbanked and unbanked citizens,” Eberande Kolongele told Desire Kashmir Kashmir.

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