7-year term: FIFA demands explanations from Samuel Eto’o

7-year term: FIFA demands explanations from Samuel Eto’o

N Melo
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September 13, 2022 0

7-year term: FIFA demands explanations from Samuel Eto’o

The extension of the duration of the mandate of the president of the Cameroonian Football Federation from 4 to 7 years decided during the last General Assembly of the Cameroonian Football Federation goes badly to Fifa. The governing body of world football sent a note a few days ago to Fecafoot to have a copy of the new statutes of the organization. Fifa is also demanding a detailed explanation of the motivations behind the changes to the statutes.

According to the whistleblower Boris Bertolt who constantly denounces the methods of Samuel Eto’o, the approach of Fifa responds above all to a concern for the conformity of the texts of the federations with international standards.

“This request from FIFA is in accordance with the statutes of world football’s governing body. In Chapter 13 of the FIFA Statutes relating to the obligations of FIFA members, it is stated in paragraph F that members have an obligation to “ratify statutes in accordance with the requirements of the Standard FIFA Statutes”. , indicates the journalist who gives an overview of the rest of this affair.

Risk of exclusion

In the event that FIFA deems that the new statutes violate its texts, Fecafoot will be asked to return to the original version. In the event of refusal, Fecafoot could be excluded from FIFA.

“In case FIFA does not accept this modification, FECAFOOT should revert to the 4-year mandate. If she opposes it, she risks an exclusion. Indeed, chapter 15 of the FIFA statutes on Exclusion underlines in paragraph B that the FIFA Congress may exclude any member: “guilty of serious violation of the statutes, regulations or decisions of FIFA”. Until now, members of the General Assembly and journalists have never seen a single copy of the amended statutes”, specifies Boris Bertolt.
This unique situation in the world of football provokes mocking comments in international pressure.

“Thus Eto’o’s mandate will run until 2028. In addition, the former player will be able to represent himself which will keep him in office until 2035” can we read in the Brazilian newspaper El Globo.

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