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The point was made during the security assessment meeting chaired by Mindef, Joseph Beti Assomo last Friday, as a prelude to the next commemoration of the national holiday of May 20, 2022.

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The country’s security situation, as a prelude to the upcoming commemoration of the national holiday of May 20, 2022, was scrutinized during the security assessment meeting, chaired by Mindef Joseph Beti Assomo, last Friday in Yaoundé. The meeting was held in a particular context, after a truce of non-celebration of the Feast of May 20 for two consecutive years, due to the international pandemic of Covid 19.

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The meeting focused particularly on the sources of tension, in particular in the Far North where the Boko Haram group remains significant despite the sustained and combined efforts of the Defense and Security Forces (Fds) and the populations, through the vigilance committees.


With regard to the state of play in the North-West and South-West regions, the Fds are continuing their actions aimed at preserving territorial integrity in order to ensure the safety of people and property. Also analyze the worrying situation of bloody inter-community conflicts in the Department of Logone and Chari, as well as in the Department of the Ntem Valley, without forgetting the situation at the land borders
and maritime, and many other topical issues driven by international security news and the geostrategic developments that are taking shape.Cameroun. Entreprises publiques: une réforme qui met fin à la longévité des  PDG, DG et PCA - Le360afrique.com

The preservation of the integrity of the territory, as well as the protection of people and property, remain and remain the leitmotif of the joint actions of the Defense and Security Forces on a daily basis. On the occasion, the presentations of the territorial military leaders were followed by discussions with the Secretaries of State to the Minister of Defence, the Military High Command led by the General of the Army Corps, Chief of Staff of the armies.

At the end of this special meeting, resolutions, recommendations and instructions were taken and given for a happy, harmonious and effective continuation of the action of the Defense and Security Forces in the four corners of the country. The report of all this will be sent to the President of the Republic, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, the premiere of the quintessence of the assizes being reserved for him. This meeting takes place the day after the 33rd edition of the Total Energies African Cup of Nations 2021 in Cameroon, marked by successful security coverage.

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The 50th edition currently being prepared
will tie up with national festive activities, these will be marked by a number of restrictions dictated by the prevention of Covid 19, and new variants of the coronavirus, the spread of which is leading to new reconfigurations in certain countries, and which have brought the World Health Organization to prescribe the maintenance of barrier measures and in particular vaccination.


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